Support Comes at a Cost…One You Should Pay

Supporting any cause or challenge comes at a cost. In this first week of the challenge to spend dollars in businesses within my community, I have met and interacted with some great people. My journey had me all across the city and in the neighboring county. An evening out took me outside of the normal streets and shopping centers I usually frequent. While there may have been a little more gas and time, it was a refreshing feeling knowing that I was a new/repeat face in a business and there was a specific purpose behind my presence. When this challenge first came to mind, I went through the last 3 months of transactions to see where I spend my dollars. I spent hours on the internet researching businesses to try. I will be excited to share information about a black owned wholesale meat business, an all organic farm, bakeries, clothing, jewelry, fitness, caterers, nail care, massage therapy, bookstores, banks and restaurants. What black owned businesses do you support in your community? Comment with the name of the business, a link to their Facebook or website and the location by city and state.  This week, take a look at your transactions just over the last month. Where can you lend your support? follows a journey and challenge to locate, support and review local black businesses and why there may not be more of them (or maybe there is a lot of them). Join the challenge, whoever you may be, wherever you are. Subscribe to this page on the right…Like us on Facebook at


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