In the Words of the GPS…Re-Calculating

In the last week, more than once, I had to recalculate my route. In one instance I was headed to a national carwash chain when it came to mind that a black owned carwash was even closer…and better priced for the service. I took a u-turn at the light and headed that way. While it was closed for the Memorial holiday, I put in a call to check their regular hours of operation. The owner called me back and was expressing thanks for the opportunity to do business. He explained that his folks worked so hard, that he felt that they needed to spend time with their families. That is honorable. Work is not everything, there needs to be a good balance. Happy employees go a long way in business. I told him about my journey to locate and spend my dollars supporting black owned businesses. We chatted a bit about how I would go down that path, what I hoped to accomplish and how I looked forward to returning to give them a try. I want to make an impact in my community. I dream of the day that these businesses can start re-calculating and get greater support so they can grow. Grow so they can hire more people. Hire more people so households have more income. More income so that bills can be more easily paid, savings realized and a change can come to that one house. That one house can begin change in a neighborhood and…you get the idea. In the end, it is way more than just economics. It is a big dream and it starts one re-calculation at the time. Where have your feet or tires turned to support black owned businesses this week? follows a journey and challenge to locate, support and review local black owned businesses.  We will explore why there may not be more of them (or maybe there is a lot of them). We will see. Join the challenge, whoever you may be, wherever your location. You can subscribe to this page on the right or “Like” us on Facebook at

Have a great black owned business you want to tell us about? Email and maybe your business “story” will be featured one week.


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