It Starts with Me

Abanitu Organics

In a quest to find and support black owned business, I took a Saturday to stroll through the streets, shopping centers and markets. On this particular Saturday, I visited the Durham Farmers’ Market located on Foster Street in downtown Durham, NC. I was looking for black owned farmers and vendors to purchase items for my home. I ran into several people and was pleased to come in contact with Abanitu Organics ( I strolled up to their booth and was pleasantly greeted and shown the items of the day. After tasting berries and turnips, I purchased green onions, turnips, kale and berries.

Abanitu May302015

I mentioned my project and challenge. “I want to support my community and make a difference. I looked at my spending and wondered if I could spend those dollars in black owned businesses”. Oh, what sweet delight when his face lit up. Then we chatted. Along the way he asked, “so what clicked for you, why did you decide to do this”. I paused for a second and said “making a change starts with me…it starts with me”. If each person would take that challenge within themselves, we will start to see change at an exponential rate. It will not happen overnight. In the last month, I have been elated and frustrated. My frustration is wanting to see the change fully realized. I don’t want to go out of my way to find a business to support, yet, the extra mile is truly rewarding. As this journey progresses, I see that black owned businesses are all around me. It gives me a great feeling that in the past month, I have been in the presence of or spoken to someone in 17 black owned businesses. Of the 17, I re-visited only 3, accounting for a overwhelming set of new businesses. I have spent roughly $300 in goods and services (money I already spend in a given month), however, I am just getting started and I am only one person. Imagine the impact if each of us chose even one black owned business to support a week? follows a journey and challenge to locate, support and review local black owned businesses. We will explore why there may not be more of them (or maybe there is a lot of them). We will see. Join the challenge, whoever you may be, wherever your location. You can subscribe to this page on the right or “Like” us on Facebook at

Have a great black owned business you want to tell us about? Email and maybe your business “story” will be featured one week.


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