What’s on the Hairizon?

hairizon 062615 2

Black is beautiful! One of the ways to keep skin and hair beautiful is through the use of various products. Hairizon is a shop nestled in downtown Durham, NC (for the moment). The business will soon move to Northgate Mall in Durham after the end of July. If you are a fan of natural body products, I suggest you follow them via email or on facebook (http://www.hairizonbeauty.com/). They offer beauty, fashion and total body care. Shopping can be done in person or online. They uniquely customize bath and body treats with scents and essential oils. When walking in, you will find scent pleasantry as you stroll through the quaint shop featuring at least 30 local vendors. Two visits in one week and we picked up some hair, bath and body care products. The custom beauty bar in the back of the store is like candy land. I experimented with putting chocolate scent in their smooth whipped shea butter. I then tried a light, fruity strawberry scent in their lighter whipped mango butter. Looking to find a new shampoo and conditioner, we tried something rich and creamy from Coco Curls (http://cococurls.com/). After a good wash and condition, I added the shea/mango butter to my hair to pop the curls and also softened my skin, elbows and feet with the chocolaty strawberry whipped goodness.

hairizon 062615 3                      hairizon 062615

I got so many compliments at work and I felt amazingly soft. I had the chance to be in the same area as the store again this week. Instead of spending my dollars on my usual soap, I am trying a honey, almond and oatmeal soap from Herbal Body Blessings (http://herbalbodyblessings.com/). I picked up some whipped mango butter for a gift and saw they were running a special…3 body care products for $20. I added a body wash and body scrub to bring back home for myself. Being that you can customize, I took the opportunity to experiment with the delicious scents. I brought home a tropical body scrub with a hint of coconut scent and a Mimosa-scented body wash with vitamin E oil to accompany the custom peppermint and lavender bath salts I brought home a few days ago. I now have some great new natural products to add to my home and I am supporting several black businesses at the same time.

hairizon 070215

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