Cartoons and Book Lists – Bino and Fino


Everywhere we turn there is an article on the state of the youth today, in particular Black youth. There always seems to be something in the airways about the negative influences and stereotypes. Contrary to the news and other media, there are positive influences. We actually don’t have to look very far to find good things happening in communities all around the world. While there seems to be more bad than good reported, this find was a delight. Take a moment to stroll in the world of Bino and Fino – a cartoon series made with the Black child in mind.

We love two of their recent blogs which gave a list of books that celebrate Black boys ( and Black girls ( With titles like “TuTu Goes Green” and “Chocolate Me” this is a great list of gift items for children.

TuTu Cover          Chocolate Me

Be sure to check out the comments as others list a variety of other books in the marketplace. In addition to the list of book, the Bino and Fino site also has toys and other items for purchase.

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